Many different types of people live here. Including nekos.
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 Heroes.. and other people. (Berry)

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PostSubject: Re: Heroes.. and other people. (Berry)   Thu May 04, 2017 4:13 am

(I can send you all the links to the threads I answered if you want. I know I answered a lot lol! You can pick and chose which ones you want to continue.)

Asahina smiles at Shadow and sniffles blushing lightly. "We should get out of the water." He giggles softly and gets out. He looks around making sure no one was around. He takes off his pants and underwear. He quickly puts on his shirt and lab coat. He sighs softly and smiles at Shadow. "Let's go to my house so I.. can get some clothes."

Touya blushes deeply as they kiss. He pants when he pulls away. "Wow.."

Rida blushes deeply and kisses him back. She moans softly and kisses him again.

Ichiko giggles and wiggles around nodding her head.

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Heroes.. and other people. (Berry)
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