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 Yoko Kazu (done)

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PostSubject: Yoko Kazu (done)   Sat Dec 24, 2011 2:22 am


Name: Yoko Kazu


Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: straight

Age: 19

Race: Elf


Eye Color: golden brown

Hair Color: red

Height: 5 foot 6

Weight: 112

Markings: none

Apparel: she like to wear just about anything it doesnt matter to her. as long as it looks cute on her.


Personality: she cute and sexy and is a real hot head. she loves to tease her oppent or her friend. she loves fighting she very balanced and can kill someone with one hit. she a good friend and will die for you if she has to. shes very stubborn and normally wins any arguement shes in. she has a very spunky and up beat attuide. but when she gets sad she get mad. she takes her anger out on who ever or whatever is near by.


Likes: fight

Dislikes: bullies

Special Ability: fire



Parents/Guardians: mother and father

Siblings: none

Hometown: a small village

Birthday: April 20

History: she was always fighting as a kid. her parents were always getting her out of trouble. so was her best friend Kanima. she would always get into trouble when he was around so he could save her. she was madly in love with him. she finally told him how she felt, he had the same feeling for her. she was so exicted when she found out she knew they would be together forever. then her village got attacked a few days after that, she had just turned 16. Kanima was much like her but she would somewhat think of a plan before she ran into a battle. Kanima did what he always did yelled sometihng stupid and ran into battle Yoko always covered his back. Yoko had to help a young kid out, Kanima got hurt really bad when she came back. she looks at him covered in blood but he got up and finished the battle. he walked up to her after the battle and kissed her. she smiles at him happily "were going to be together forever right?" Kanima smiles at her and nods "yea forever." then he fell over and died. it riped Yokos heart out and she cried for along time. she finally had to leave the village and go and try to find a new life
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Yoko Kazu (done)
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