Many different types of people live here. Including nekos.
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PostSubject: Berry Mikan   Wed Nov 16, 2011 10:17 am


Name: Berry Mikan


Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: straight

Age: 17

Race: Neko


Eye Color: icy blue

Hair Color: blonde

Height: 5 foot 4

Weight: 105

Markings: she has a small tatoo of a heart on her inner thigh

Apparel: she loves anything cute. you hand her anything cute or cool you'll be your best friend.. she always wears bells around her neck and tail.


Personality: she's a very big poelpe person. she likes to met new people and make new friends. you could be a mass murder and she would walk up to you and say "hi am berry your my new friend." Though she has a short temper and gets in trouble alot because of it. She's a very nice person to be around she's very enjoyable. though she's very clumsy at times, she trips over pebbles all the time its like a curse for her. she a very strong, and sweet person. she's extermely stubborn person. she gets happy, and hyper very easy she get hyper easier if she eats to much candy. she very funny, and random, she's also very protective of her friends


Likes: sweets

Dislikes: the dark and being left alone. she also hates blood and needles

Special Ability: Ice

Weapon: her claws


Parents/Guardians: both died

Siblings: Hana Mikan

Hometown: Tokyo, Japan

Birthday: July 1

History: Her parents died and she can't remeber much of her past, she's still trying to find out what happened to her parents. Her friend died in a bad attack on thier village. Her parents had died a 1 year before. She stayed by her friend (Adam) side everyday before he died. After that the mother of her friend Adam kicked her out. Adams spirt still is with her and she is able to talk to him. though after she found out her parents died she always thought she had a sister out there but she wasnt sure. She was always made fun of by the childern in her old school. But she was always acting happy so no one would worry or make fun of her. But she's always bubble and trys to make other people happy so they don't have to feel like she did.

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Berry Mikan
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