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 The Pink Invasion

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Jack Knife
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Jack Knife

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PostSubject: Re: The Pink Invasion   Wed Feb 08, 2012 11:19 pm

Jack reciprocated Finn's brohoof before poring over the paperwork that he had been given. Absolutely everything was in order and all the forms were legitimate. It had only been a few days since their week long drunken jaunt and Jack was shocked to see that the bureaucracy could move that quickly.

Jack saluted his fellow officer of the Guard before getting down to business. Celestia wouldn't have put two officers here without the intent to send in at the least an under strength section, which would also tie in with the order to secure a ground side location for a Forward Operation Base.

The two friends discussed various locations before settling on the former location of the still that had been destroyed as it offered the best combination of security, access and space.

"Finn, I'll need you to arrange a meeting with you 2IC's for me so we can get them used to the idea of 'magical talking ponies'. It'd be better if they're familiar with the concept before The Princess sends through reinforcements."
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PostSubject: Re: The Pink Invasion   Tue Feb 14, 2012 1:57 pm

Finn agreed with Jack and set about calling up his lieutenants, arranging a meeting at the organisation's main safehouse. After arranging the meeting he ducked into the study and pulled out a large folder and began filling it with the files he thought necessary or useful to the incoming reinforcements.

"Alright Jack, we've got ourselves a meeting set up, a bunch of files, and a cellar-full of booze. Let's go celebrate us a promotion."

With that, he lead the way downstairs to a waiting limo driven by a middle-aged Irish-man. They both climbed in and sat down. Finn pulled out a laptop that was stored in a cupboard in back and set it on a table before them, pressing the on button.

"I don't normally get around in this fancy thing, but I figured you wouldn't exactly have an easy time fitting into a regular sedan."

After the laptop booted up, Finn opened up some files.

"Alright then, these are the plans for the distillery and a financial list from..."
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The Pink Invasion
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