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 The Plot Is Done!

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PostSubject: The Plot Is Done!   Sun May 19, 2013 1:45 pm

When the world was new, there were five different races that lived on the planet: Elf, Fairy, Human, Mage, and Demi-god. These five races once lived in harmony and peace, until the demons came to the planet.
The demons had a reason for coming to the planet though. It was an experiment that the 5 races had worked on. The 5 races wanted to create a god. Someone that they knew would look after their planet and protect it. This experiment had numerous failures. And for it several races were created that otherwise may never have existed on that planet. These races included Dragon, Kitsune, Neko, and Lycan. The being that they had created when everything went right in the end, was really no more than an accident. The races had created their god, however it was nothing more then a ball of consciousness with no body.
When the demons caught wind of what the races had made, they wanted that consciousness. They believed that if it could protect a planet, then it could destroy one as well.
Earth was once known as the planet of the human race; however parallel universes and races from the heavens and underworld collided with Earth. Now the planet is filled with other beings. At first there was peace, but the demonic race could not live in peace forever. The desire for power created corruption and lies, demons took advantage of humans which did not please the other races. A war was about to being.
The demons waged war on the world, not only to take it over, but to destroy it. This war lasted for several thousand years and has only ended nearly 1000 years ago. Because of the war several races, such as Fairy and Elf, came very near to extinction. These races have become valuable and because of this people have placed bounties on those races heads.
The wars lasted for thousands of years, the exact time of it's start and end was different depending on the location. Many believed that it happened as soon as those creature step foot on Earth. Many lives were lost in history this is knows as The Massacre. It was a close battle as at first it was impossible to determine the winner, but as the years past the demonic races lost.
Faced with two choices they could either live in peace with the others or be sent back to the underworld for life. Peace was created on the face of the Earth now that the war was over. Humans started to evolve gaining powers that they once would never had.
The world is still recovering from the war. Demons have become much less hostile sense the war and most of which are kinder to the planets races. Now the land grows with many different types of people living on it in harmony.Yet could peace last till today? The demonic race still walk on the face of the Earth, the other races all worry that they may start another war, but can't jump to concussions as the demonic races maybe in living in peace and then it would be seen as them stating the war. Not those from the Underworld.

However, not all is what it now seems. Though many demons do walk on the planet with peaceful intentions, many other have gathered under the new and young king of demons: Kazyua Minegishi. Metatron, the most 'godly' of the angels, has declared war with Kazuya. This war will be know as the: War of Bel. Could this war be even worse than the one than the one thousands of years ago, The Massacre...? Only time will tell...

More and more villains seem to be appearing. Satan know a Yuji and his helper Lisette the ghost girl cause trouble. A new villain has appeared that searches for innocents in people and tries to take it. This man is so troublesome that even the powerful Yuji has to keep am eye on him.

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The Plot Is Done!
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