Many different types of people live here. Including nekos.
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 Emily Stars

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PostSubject: Emily Stars   Mon May 13, 2013 5:11 am


Name: Emily Stars

Nicknames: EmEm, Stars, or just Emily

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: straight

Age: 15

Race: human


Eye Color: gray blue

Hair Color: light blue

Height: 4foot 9in

Weight: 99

Markings: none

Apparel: dresses like she wears in the picture


Personality: She likes to party had have fun. but since she's a little kid her fun is very different. she is sweet and kind hearted. however, she gets mad if she doesn't get her way.

Habits: singing

Likes: having fun

Dislikes: not getting what she wants

Special Ability: her voice can control people and their emotions. but this is only when she is singing and if she wants to.

Weapon: her voice


Parents/Guardians: Henry and Val stars

Siblings: none

Hometown: Stakrin

Birthday: Janurary 14

History: She is a famous singer even though she is very young. Her parents noticed she had a speical ability with her voice they were drawn in by her voice. thats when she began her training with her singing. in no time she was doing touring and becoming more and more famous. Now she's on the road getting more money and getting better at controling her powers.

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Emily Stars
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