Many different types of people live here. Including nekos.
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 Yuki Matoko

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PostSubject: Yuki Matoko   Sat Nov 19, 2011 11:20 pm

Name: Yuki Matoko

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Species: Usagi

Sexual Orientation: straight


Personality: she has two personalitys. when she gets scared or excited she changes into a small girl. She normally acts Flirterous, And joyful. she very nice and enjoyable to be around. but dont make her mad she'll punch u in the face then smile at you and walk away. she never gets in trouble so she can be a brat some times but when she changes into the girl noone can be mad at her and she knows it. so she will sometimes take advantage of it.

Ability: she uses cuteness lol.


Destination: no where just travels

History: SHe was spoiled  as a child by her family she was the youngest out of three. one day when she was out get some food for her family with one of the older kids, her parents and bother and sister were murder. when she came home everything was gone and her family was died. her older sibling took her away and raised her showing her as much love as before. she moved out at 17 and misses her sibling but she travels in hope that she might find the person who killed her family and make them pay.

Other Info: she loves to look at the stars and she loves anything cute and will do anything to get what ever is cute
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Yuki Matoko
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