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 The Forgotten Clan (warrior cats rpg)

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PostSubject: The Forgotten Clan (warrior cats rpg)   Tue Aug 11, 2015 12:01 pm

A new clan is born in the forest from the ashes of BloodClan. Deathclan. As the four clans realize of the new clan's creation, questions come to every cat's mind: Is Deathclan more like them than BloodClan was? Are they an ally or an enemy? Do they believe in StarClan? The answer to their questions come apparent when Deathclan starts taking territory from Thunderclan. As Thunderclan asks for an ally for them to aid in their battle against Deathclan due to them being outnumbered, will their closest neighbor, Riverclan, support them? Is Riverclan and Thunderclan combined enough to stop the clan formed after the defeat of BloodClan? Join us and find out!
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The Forgotten Clan (warrior cats rpg)
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