Many different types of people live here. Including nekos.
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Edo Nakamura

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PostSubject: Anzo Kirisuto    Thu Apr 16, 2015 12:22 am


Name: Anzo Kirisuto

Nicknames: Ano

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Age: 21

Race: Demigod


Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: White

Height: 5 feet 11 inches

Weight: 150 lbs

Markings: Remarkably tanned skin

Apparel: He dresses pretty flashily, with a gold chain wrapped around his neck, one end of which is clipped to his right ear and the other to a weight. He also wears a white off-the-shoulder tunic, white shorts, a thick golden belt, and gladiator-style sandals.


Personality: Anzo is a fun loving guy, with the type of personality that wouldn't work on his days off. He is very passionate about swordsmanship, and can become very aggressive and hotheaded with anything to do with it. He is confident in his abilities and likes to show off when given the chance.


  • Having Fun
  • Making Friends
  • Dancing
  • Exercising
  • Partying
  • Being Out in the Sun


  • Reading
  • Staying Indoors
  • Losing
  • Writing
  • Studying
  • The Prejudice People in Society

Special Ability:

  • Telekinesis- Anzo can move objects just by mental power. Cannot be used on other characters.
  • Godspeed- Anzo can travel at the speed of light harmlessly.
  • Gravity Reduction- Anzo can freely reduce the force of gravity upon him to float.
  • Master of Time and Space- Anzo can freely move himself through time and space.
  • Cellular Regeneration- The cells in Anzo's body were formed to regenerate instantly the movement they are harmed. This means if Anzo receives any wounds, he will not feel the pain, and the wounds will immediately seal up, acting as if Anzo was never hurt, in the first place.

Weapon: Longsword


Parents/Guardians: Lara (Mother) Amun (Father)  


Hometown: Kingdom of Heaven

Birthday: January 1st

History: Anzo was born within the Kingdom of Heaven; an undisclosed location. His mother, Lara, is a Sister of Heaven, while Amun is a Brother; Anzo is an honoured son. When Anzo was born, he was an angel. He was immediately given godlike knowledge, and was blessed with five special abilities. However, because he knew about everything in Heaven, Anzo did not enjoy writing, reading or studying; it was all too boring for him. He would always watch down over other planets, or get an insight on other realms, and find that people were enjoying their time differently. They were partying, having fun under the sun, making friends, having fun or dancing. Anzo wanted to do all of this. He wanted to become the happiest man to ever exist in Heaven, which is why he arranged a private meeting with God. Anzo requested the title of a demigod so he could travel amongst other realms, planets and dimensions. God found this appealing, and so Anzo was entitled as such. Anzo was given divine power, and became a messenger of God. He lost his wings, and was able to move about freely. God blessed him with the five abilities he runs along with currently, while Anzo only puts them all to the test. Anzo loved, and still loves showing off his powers so he can reveal to God how happy he is. Lara and Amun treated Anzo beyond his expectations during his childhood, though that is all unfortunately unknown. When he became a demigod, twenty-one years of knowledge was taken by God so Anzo would have nothing to reveal about the kingdom under his new title. In exchange, Anzo would live luxuriously wherever he went, under God's power. Anzo hopes to rediscover who he was in the past by proving to God that he is responsible and trustworthy. Meanwhile, he hopes to complete the average life; meet new people, make memories and make a relationship with an attractive woman.
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PostSubject: Re: Anzo Kirisuto    Mon Apr 20, 2015 8:35 pm


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Anzo Kirisuto
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